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30 Moments of Joy

Glencoe, Scotland

Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.

~Henri J.M. Nouwen

Joy can be really big crazy happiness, or it can be a tiny spot of light in the darkness. The thing is, you have to be able to realize and register joy. Joy is in the moment. Read our past blog on finding Joy here.

30 Moments of Joy Challenge

Each day for 1 month identify 1 moment that brings you light and joy…it can be the tiniest thing and quickest moment. For example, here’s a  few we’ve experienced over the last month: 

  • seeing sparkling snow dusted roofs on the drive to work
  • seeing a picture from our past travels to Scotland pop up in my social media memories (see above)
  • hearing a favorite song play on the radio
  • kitty purring in my ear
  • catching up with highschool friends over coffee
  • A beautiful whimsical handmade birthday card 
  • the view of the mountains covered in snow
Deb’s favorite place to walk on the weekends when home is Folsom Lake. She finds joy when she views the mountains from Tahoe.

Above mentioned birthday card!

Deb’s cat Nike bringing her joy every day.

Thinking back on favorite joyful moments can trigger some of that same joyful energy. In this new year, practice Intentionality on recognizing and acknowledging those moments – staying as present as possible in the moment (even when the moment may stink) to not miss out on these moments. Are you taking in your surroundings? Are you really listening to your friend? Are you tasting the steaming cup of coffee?

What steps can you take today to increase your chances of experiencing joy?

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Deb is employed by Dexcom, but her words and opinions in this blog are her own.

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