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“Imprinting”: How to in 5 steps

At the close of our prior blog post we mentioned imprinting, and promised to share more with you on that. So here we go…

While imprint has several definitions, those that resonate with us at A Fresh POV for You are “to fix firmly on the mind/memory” or “to make an impression; have an effect.” So, with that said, here’s how imprinting works:

  1. When you find yourself gazing at a striking view or in a most memorable uplifting  moment…pause. Be present in the moment.
  2. Take a deep breath in and a cleansing breath out.
  3. Gaze at the view – noting where you are and who you are with. Take in colors, lighting, sounds, smells (maybe even taste if it’s food or beverage related).
  4. Then take time to appreciate and acknowledge what you see before you and are experiencing (many liken this to having an “attitude of gratitude”).
  5. Allow that view or moment – every detail – along with those positive feelings to etch into your mind’s eye so you can recall them in the future.

You see below two memorable views that we have both firmly imprinted in our minds. These photos were taken by the shore of Lake Como in Italy several years ago. The photo of us together was snapped on a cool September evening. We sat with our husbands, sipping a glass of Italian wine, talking about life for several hours, just enjoying each other’s friendship while watching the clouds drop over the mountains, feeling the cool breeze as dusk began to settle in, and listening to the waves lap and church bells toll across the lake. That spectacular view and those special moments in time are deeply etched (imprinted) in our minds.

Deb and Tami at Lake Como, Italy

When life is challenging (or just downright hard and painful), we try to turn our thoughts back to happy moments and picturesque views like this. We even keep pictures of some of our imprinted views on our phones so not only our mind’s eye but our actual eye can prompt us and help take us back. In our experience, this philosophy – or mental tool if you will – can build resilience while allowing your thoughts to take a break and refocus in a positive manner.

You (or those in your circle) may also find imprinting helpful, particularly when feeling down, stressed, anxious, or overwhelmed. With mindfulness and repetition, imprinting may become more automatic. Sometimes we even find ourselves stopping  and saying out loud, “Wait, I want to imprint this moment!” Give imprinting a try. Let us know what view or experiences you imprint, and how imprinting works for you.