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Focus on Solutions (rather than on problems): 10 Solution Focused Questions

Our daily notebook that reminds us of our priorities

Today we’re sharing with you the cover of a notebook we both keep on our desks to capture ideas and thoughts, and also keep us grounded as to what’s important in life. This week Deb is embracing the last four …Relax more. Worry Less. Play more. Work Less. It’s Spring Break time and she is taking a break with family (and undoubtedly will  have photos of some great views to share when she returns!). Incidentally, “Play More. Work Less” was Tami’s New Year’s Solution in 2017, long before owning this journal! (see more about New Year’s Solutions in place of New Year’s resolutions here).

If you have read a few of our blogs, you know that our approach is future-focused, goal-directed, with focus on solutions, rather than on problems. Today we want to share with you 10 solution focused questions that you may ask yourself when faced with a challenging situation. Or, use with clients if you are a healthcare practitioner.

10 Solution Focused Questions

  1. What is different or going differently?
  2. What’s going better?
  3. Think about the positive moments surrounding the situation. Suppose those positive moments were to last longer. What difference would that make for you?
  4. Suppose the positive moments were to last longer. What conclusions could you draw from that?
  5. What do you see as a next step?
  6. In your opinion, what would be a very small step forward?
  7. How great is the chance that will work out?
  8. What might be the next sign of progress or your next step?
  9. What will you be doing differently then?
  10. Who in your life will be the first to notice that?

The assumption of a solution focused approach is that individuals have some knowledge of what would make their life better and that everyone who seeks help already possesses at least the minimal skills necessary to create solutions.

If you incorporate these questions or other tools we’ve shared we’d love to hear from you. If you’re a clinician, are these techniques helping you to build a therapeutic alliance with your clients? If you’re a person living with diabetes, does this approach resonate with you and your needs as you manage your diabetes?

We look forward to sharing some new fresh views with you soon!

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