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Adopt a Fresh Point of View: A Solution-Focused Approach to the ADCES7

We hope you’re finding a little fun and relaxation this summer, and that you’re enjoying a few inspiring and fresh views along the way!  If you’ve been following us, you know that we often share a fresh view that has inspired us, in coordination with our fresh point of view of the week…all as we guide healthcare professionals in a solution-focused approach to practice, so clients can embrace possibilities, opportunities, and a fresh vision for the future.

Last time we shared some #ADCES21 sessions we are interested in attending and this week we’d like to share a little more about our A Fresh POV for You session!

Wondering what is a solution-focused approach to practice? 

As a quick summary of how a solution-focused approach compares to a “traditional” counseling approach, we’re sharing with you a snapshot from our upcoming presentation Saturday August 14, 3:15-3:45 Central at the virtual Association of Diabetes Care and Education Specialists Annual Conference. The presentation is titled “Adopt a Fresh Point of View: A Solution-Focused Approach to the ADCES7”. (The ADCES7 refers to the 7 identified self-care behaviors related to managing diabetes.) 

We invite you to join us at our presentation where we’ll:

  • Describe elements of a solution-focused approach to client interactions.
  • Share how to apply a solution-focused approach when using the ADCES7 self-care behaviors in practice. AND 
  • How to guide clients in identifying “exceptions” to strengthen resilience and confidence to manage diabetes

We’ll be there live chatting with you throughout to get all of your questions answered! Please reach out to us on social media during the conference!

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Deb is employed by Dexcom, but her words and opinions in this blog are her own.

Tami is employed by the University of Kentucky HealthCare Barnstable Brown DIabetes Center, but her words and opinions in this blog are her own.