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7 Key Accomplishments in 2020 and What’s Next for 2021

1.Dream it. 2.Envision it. 3.Think it. 4.Grow it. 5.Become it. 6.Live it. 7.OWN it.― Germany Kent, The 7 Steps to Transformation

Joshua Tree National Park, California

The photo above depicts 2020 in our minds! We felt like we were walking through prickly desolate days at times, yet we kept our eyes on the horizon, the peaks ahead, and kept moving forward despite the pandemic and changes in our world. With 2021 in full swing, we continue to envision new possibilities, opportunities, and fresh views on solution-focused practice, and we hope to encounter beautiful vistas and images to imprint in our minds along the way.

We love the above quote by Germany Kent. We find that at the core it aligns with our accomplishments in 2020 here at A Fresh POV For You, and helps describe what we envision in 2021.

Dream it. We dreamed that we would continue this blog to share solution-focused practice techniques with our colleagues and get more of our research published. We did it! This blog recently passed it’s second anniversary. And in March we published our second paper about incorporating solution-focused practice in AADE in Practice (now ADCES in Practice): A Paradigm Shift: Taking a Solution-Focused Approach to Practice 

Envision it. We envisioned sharing the impact of solution-focused techniques and building the evidence to support incorporation of solution-focused principles into diabetes care and education by publishing more of our research. In October 2020 that happened! Applying a Solution-Focused Approach to Life With Diabetes: Insights Gleaned via Twitter was published in The Diabetes Educator journal (now The Science of Diabetes Self-Management and Care journal)

Think it. We continuously think about and consider the power of words we choose to use in  client interactions every day. So throughout 2020 we wrote a series of “word of the week” blogs. In each post we shared a word related to solution-focused practice along with practical tips and guidelines to inspire solution-focused thinking and practice among diabetes care and education specialist, and to slowly instill confidence in solution-focused principles. We embrace those words in practice and hope that you’ve found them impactful in your conversations too.

Grow it. We wanted to grow our reach. Over 2020 we’ve added many subscribers to this blog and have shared it on multiple social media channels. In 2021 we’re thinking of expanding to podcasts and other methods too. Stay tuned!

Become it. We were so excited to have a podium presentation accepted at ADCES 2020 annual meeting. Unfortunately due to the pandemic and transition to a virtual meeting, we did not present, but are hopeful to be able to share our presentation this year. We’re also considering offering ongoing webinars due to great interest from our readers. What do you think about that?

Live it. We practice what we preach. We organize our life with solution-focused thoughts. We wake up and think about what has worked well for us and how we can “do more of that.” One thing we tried hard to do in 2020 was stay connected. You can read more about Support here and how we stayed connected with friends, family and colleagues. 

Own it. We “own it” when it comes to our belief in the transforming power of solution-focused practice. The power of identifying what has worked and leveraging that for future successes. In 2021 our goal is to build upon this. Do more research. Write more to spread the word of solution-focused practice. And continue to educate ourselves and our colleagues .We’d love to hear from you, and learn about what you are interested in learning regarding incorporating a solution-focused approach in  your practice!

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